ib extended essay assessment criteria 2018

your prezi on to a CD/DVD. If you want to get a good score in your extended essay, make sure that is well written and that you follow an extended essay guide strictly. 4 The language used communicates clearly and precisely. 1 The abstract contains the elements listed above but they are not all clearly stated. Achievement level, descriptor 0, the essay demonstrates no real knowledge or understanding of the topic studied. There is little or no attempt to explain the significance of the topic. Achievement level Descriptor 0 There is no attempt to develop a reasoned argument in relation to the research question. 2, the research question is clearly stated in either the introduction or on the title page and is sharply focused, making effective treatment possible within the word limit. 2 The abstract clearly states all the elements listed above.

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IB Extended Essay Guidelines, supervisors and schools are recommended to set deadline for extended essay. B: introduction - (Objectives 1 and 5). A portable prezi is not editable (edit here, and export again if you need to make changes). 4 The essay demonstrates a very good knowledge and understanding of the topic studied. K: holistic judgment - (Objective 1) The purpose of this criterion is to assess the qualities that distinguish an essay from the average, such as intellectual initiative, depth of understanding and insight.