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the Inferno and eventual ascent into Paradise. The shock factor is how much something shocks the majority of the people. The more life he has left to live, the more he is left to wonder and to question. Modernism was an artistic movement that lasted, in American and English literature, from about 1900 to 1940, although most literature since that time continues to be heavily influenced by modernist techiques. He did this through his many influential essays on poetry, beginning with those.

Alfred Prufrock and The Waste Land. What is important is that Prufrock is viewed as a representative of all modern men. The Waste Land also constitute Eliots objective correlative, a chain of events that sparks a particular emotional mood. Just as individuals are incessantly losing their past selves, so they are unable to see through the mists of the future. She is bickering with a man, her husband or her lover, and complains that her nerves are bad to-night. He shows the difference between the divinely religious medieval life which modern life lacks and the fall in spiritual matters in modern life. It is the first English-language poem in the twentieth century to employ free verse, startling juxtapositions of allusion and situation, an intensely self-conscious speaker (or persona and a truly urban setting. The Rock, which was a modernized version of the traditional pageant play staged in a large church. To do this, the poet has to know what is truly new and different; a poet can do this only by having a thorough knowledge of the classic and traditional. Only rarely in the history of English literature has a critical essay, such as Tradition and the Individual Talent, so changed the way people understand poetry.

Liot As A Modernist Poet English Literature Essay. In a third, concluding section of the essay, Eliot draws an important conclusion, one that has been crucial to the way poetry has been studied since the 1920s. The first word is Datta (given the second is Dayadhvam (compassion and the third is Damyata (control). For English readers, however, the stark pictures of Eliots poem were startling: Let us go then, you and I When the evening is spread out against the sky/ Like a patient etherized upon a table. They seem to be apostles of some sacrificed god, perhaps Christ himself.

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