what is expository essay

another. A good explanatory/expository essay consists of the following: The introductory paragraph clearly states what is to be analyzed or explained. Make sure your readers understand your analysis japan artificial intelligence essay and know how you have arrived at your conclusions. They are free to use under. Precise and accurate words are used to convey the message. Any kind of outside control is supposed to be harmful for the process and, therefore, abolished, with its place taken by self-control, mutual control and coordination.

Innovative Education, the term innovative education has been presented to scientific community by American pedagogue James Botkin about twenty years ago and received numerous and rather controversial response, for it suggested complete and irreversible revision of the principles traditional educational theories consider to be axiomatic. Curriculum for exact sciences, like physics or mathematics may not change for decades. It should teach students to create text irrespectively of its subject, understand information even if it has never been perceived by the student yet, solve any problems by means of independent thinking rather than applying pre-existing, memorized solutions. Of course, the self-sufficient system of education based on equality of teacher and student may look really alluring, but all the same, it is more of a utopia than reality. Each of the sentences of the paragraph relates directly to the topic.

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