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strictly scientific issues it is recommended to use metaphors very rarely, especially in natural sciences. Id have discovered that my verb choices didnt support my book, and Id be doing everyone a favor by swapping them out for some that would. A Process of Discovery As you walk through this exercise, youll learn about your character and the scenes in your story. Therefore, do not simply insert metaphors in order to be more attractive for the reader, or more impressive. I did this scene by scene, in ten-minute work sessions, using my beloved felt-tipped lime green pen to circle each and every verb.

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The Basics About Metaphors, a metaphor states that one thing is another thing. Blue paint spilled on the road Canceled checks in the abandoned subway A spider under the rug is Graffiti on the abandoned building Nothing was the same, now that it The dice rolled out of the cup toward A child in _ is like. Like most literary devices, metaphors can bomb when used incorrectly. She unearthed items in her backpack, dug out from a pile of paperwork, dusted off a romantic interest. The song used sunshine as a metaphor for joy. Be sure about the meaning of the metaphor. These parts of speech operate as our assistants in gaining knowledge about what is unknown. Exercise, this exercise, adapted from one by Linnea Johnson in her book. Metaphors can make your words come to life. Would you like to write for The Write Practice? Build synonyms into metaphors. Lesley is an MFA candidate in fiction at Warren Wilson and has been published in regional and national journals, including.

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