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was effectively no opportunity for Obama to escape the racist caricature that had been painted of him, even though his challenge to Americas racial hierarchy was more symbolic than substantive. I dont know anything about what youre even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. A few days after Dukes strong showing, the Queens-born businessman Donald Trump appeared on CNNs. These efforts led to caustic backlashes from the Republican rank and file, who defeated his 2006 immigration-reform legislation, which might have shifted the demographics of the Republican Party for a generation or more. Im a Christian and, therefore, I dont have any ill feeling toward anybody because of the race, cause our black people are some of our finest citizens. Non-whites can participate in this, but only if they accept the traditional (which is to say, eterm wallpaper white) norms of American culture.

But a closer look at the demographics of the 2016 electorate shows something more complex than a working-class revolt sparked by prolonged suffering. It was a way of tying together his foreignness and his name, in an effort to delegitimize him, from the get-go, says James Zogby, a Democrat whose Arab American Institute has spent years tracking public opinion about Muslim and Arab Americans. The slavery question had but little influence with the masses.

That was not a foregone conclusion. Abraham Lincoln began the Civil War believing that former slaves would have to be transported to West Africa. A bleak vision, but one that any regular Fox News viewer would recognize. The problem was that when situations would occur, and people would say, Why can't Obama speak out more forcefully, I would say that the people he needs to speak to see him as the problem, Zogby argues. The facts, unfortunately, do not support Nagins wailing. He even tried to appeal to black voters, buying a 30-minute ad in which he declared, Im not your enemy. They were ready to sacrifice property, life, everything, for the Cause, which was then simply the right of self-government, Stephens insisted. What message would those voters have been trying to send by putting a Klansman into office? They are not so much arguments against a proposition as arguments that the proposition is offensiveor, if you prefer, politically incorrect. Rather, they saw themselves as antiracist, as people who held no hostility toward religious and ethnic minorities whatsoevera sentiment they projected onto their candidate. Steve, a Trump supporter who runs a floor-covering business in Virginias Tidewater area, told me that it seems like people coming to this country, whether its illegally or through a legal system of immigration, are being treated better than American veterans.