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687, mine 687, and imse 687.). Instructional offerings equip the students with a foundation for developing prototype systems and for improving the performance of existing systems. (Aston University, Birmingham,.K.) Pavement Modeling, Non-destructive Evaluation, Structural Dynamics, Neural nets, Instrumentation Nithi. Qualifier Examination within the first two semesters in the program. Recent research efforts include topics such as alternative fuels testing, internal combustion engine performance and emissions, fuel cell technology, heat transfer, numerical analysis of thermal systems, the analysis of fluidized bed combustion, energy analysis of buildings, oscillating jet combustion, deposition on turbine blades, and reactor. Review of selected papers from the literature. PR: MAE 336 or Consent. Dynamics of Viscous Fluids.

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(West Virginia University) Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design Marvin. Fundamental concepts of thermodynamics and kinetics of materials. Students should identify a subject for their. (Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania) Aircraft Stability and Control, Flight Simulation Edward. Requirements for attaining regular student status must be stated in a letter of admission. Mechanical and physical properties, theoretical aspects, testing, design criteria, manufacturing, and economics of material systems. (University of Alberta, Canada) Neuroscience Kirk Yerkes -. (West Virginia University) Solid Mechanics, Structures Derek Johnson -.

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