reflective essay on group project

member of their team. Lets take a few minutes to hear everyones suggestions about how this process might work better and what we should do next. Reflective Report Introduction I major in electrical and electronic engineering. It gives students the opportunity to share ideas, resources, and ability. In this report I will discuss my experience in relation to formation of our group, organization of work and how did we manage our group work. Managing these variations can often be a turning point in success (or failure) of a project.

Formative Evaluation Scholarly Views. Before even contemplating the type of questions, one needs to realize that any, or at least most questions relating to the project at hand can help the leader get acquainted with the individual learning and working styles of each member. I feel very comfortable being with my other colleagues and since I am a student of the University I became very social and the good knowledge of the English language gives me an advantage that other students don't have. Ground rules which took much of our time on our first meeting because of little bit disagreement, however it was worth. Group Work Reflection Example Internet.

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