status of women in society essay

with the man. She supported her family by working the land allotted to her and by trading. In the Panchayati Raj system around 33 of the seats are reserved for women thus women are being more conscious and come forward to fight for their rights. They also helped to settle disputes among point proof comment essay writing their natal and marital lineages. Therefore, it was accepted that women got plentiful land, and had rights to portions of family land for their own use, Often their surplus was theirs to keep; at other times they sold it to their husbands; sometimes their husbands kept it themselves. In many instances, women are not permitted to participate in the cooperatives that often control credit as well as transport and marketing. Various ill practices came into existence against women which deteriorated the women status.

Status of women in society essay
status of women in society essay

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Newman, 1995,.122) Customs governing division of labor, rights to land and to children varied widely. The Seema woman has a voice in deciding her mate. In some societies where women have economic rights equal to the male rights, their status is not necessarily higher since sometimes they have to share the male activities in addition to the female burden. Nor do wives have the right to to receive the income from cash crops. According to the Ibo tradition the man had to pay the family of the bride a bride price to secure her marriage. Through all the long social crisis of the Great Depression and the Second World War, women had to bear the heaviest burdens of poverty and oppersion. Her husbands reaction would be cruel.

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