essay on importance of planning in life

Friends are there to provide emotional support to each other. Thus, it is understood that for the successful functioning of any of the institutions on earth, maintenance of discipline is mandatory. During childhood, friendship helps in making us understand and develop the habit of sharing and caring. It is essential and crucial for teachers to be prepared because the first years of school are very important for the students. However, in the corporate world people often make friends with selfish motifs. People lived with their extended families and rejoiced every occasion with them. Expecting to attain success without having discipline in life is like expecting a fairy Godmother to solve all your problems just by moving her wand. Our limbs grow stronger by constant physical work. Conclusion, i am lucky I have some really amazing friends around. Various types of exercises and their benefits. My friends are always ready to share their notes with me whenever I miss out any class.

Besides, there are always numerous things that one cannot share with his/her family member but can easily share with friends. Don't forget to tag we should respect all religions essay a friend or classmate). I almost break emotionally and go on a guilt trip. Fit for outdoor work: A man, without taking exercise, may fortunately, escape disease, but he keeps indifferent health, and is hardly fit for active outdoor work. A disciplined individual has the capability to face all the challenges in his or her life easily. Discipline in the office or at any workplace means that all the working staff be it the employers or the employees should reach the workplace on time and also maintain the pre- defined code of conduct. However, just venting out my feelings in front of them can make me feel much better. Why Having Friends at work is Important? We go through numerous emotional, physical and mental changes during our teenage. Walking as an exercise is not entertaining except in congenial company or through a place where the scenery is interesting. They make my life amazing and so full of life. Guidance, good friends are also our best guides.

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