strategic marketing plan thesis

will buy the coke product because of the high standards and high quality of the Coca Cola products. The popularity of the brand is often the deciding factor. We know that after the product is well promoted, people will eventually consume more of 500mls, as pet bottles are more in demand. Most people create an image of a product by comparing it to another product, thus evident through the famous battles between Coca-Cola and Pepsi products. Once these costs and revenues are forecasted, management can then decide which combination of marketing mix strategies will deliver the most sales revenue at the lowest cost. 500 ml : Its target the sick people and tourist 1 litre : For a small family. Place and Distribution: The place P of the marketing mix refers to distribution of the product- the ways of getting the product to the e distribution of products starts with the producer and ends with the consumer. This consists of examining market research, auditing business and current situation (situation analysis) and carefully scrutinising the soft drink industry and possibilities for. Jaul will be available in all retail stores of the country.

strategic marketing plan thesis

The promotional mix is the combination of personal selling, advertising, sales promotion and public relations that it uses in its marketing plan. We have a spread nationwide market of different convenient product. Analyzing competitors costs, prices and offer: We have analyzed our competitors price and found that Pran charges.10 for 250 ml bottle, Starship charges. Price strategies are important to Coca Cola because the price determines the amount of sales and profit per unit sold. The product is green coconut water, which is unique in the current market. Market Needs: Jaul wants to satisfy its customers need.

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Sales force composite is the most logical method in forecasting revenue. Your dcsf also gives you a clear way to measure progress. This will give you the strategic plan you need indian education vs foreign education essay to meet the business challenges that await your organization on the road ahead. Fishman, founder of TAB, places special emphasis on what he calls Turning the Wheel. More than 1 million children suffer from diarrhoea that need liquid food. Sales Analysis The sales analysis breaks down total business sales by market segments to identify strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of sales. Companies such as Nike and Adidas spend large amounts of money trying to win consumers away from their competitors who make products that are very similar. The augmented product is the extra consumer benefits and services provided to customers. Till then we can have a monopoly market condition. A written strategic plan, when done well, is both the forward path and the map itself.

What Are the Features of Effective Strategic Planning? Its also essential for communicating your vision to investors, managers and employees, and it illustrates the process by which that vision will be made real.