animals of bangladesh essay

is now internationally endangered species of which the Sundarbans contain the largest surviving tiger population. The larger terrestrial mammals are Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, Rhesus macaque and Indian smooth otter. Tiger has a strong and powerful body using which it can jump up to the high length (almost 7 ft) and run up for long distance (almost 85 km/h). It was established in 1973 in order to save tigers from the extreme threat of extinction. Tiger Essay 2 (150 essay on mom in gujarati words tiger is a National animal of India.

Now, the natural heritage of the Royal Bengal Tiger is India. Donkey First domesticated 5,000 years ago! Royal Bengal Tigers are one of the most handsome and regal animals found in India. It is one of the animals to be featured in the famed Pashupati seal of the Indus Valley Civilization. It was seen a marked improvement in the tiger population by 1993 in the country. It is estimated that almost half of the total population of tigers second battle of bull run essay are living in India. Few decades ago, tigers were hunted by the people to a great extent for fulfilling various purposes including illegal business of its body parts like skin, bones, teeth, nail, etc. Bangladesh is home to roughly 22 species of amphibian, 17 species of marine reptiles, 109 species of reptile, 388 species of birds, 110 species of mammals and 3 species of marine mammals. According to the census of 1993, the total number of tiger in the country was almost 3,750. River Turtle Inhabits freshwater habitats around the world! The indigenous people like Khasia, Monipuri, tripura and Garo are the mainstream of Adibashi (aboriginal) who are still untouched. Scientific Classification, the scientific classification of Royal Bengal Tigers is as follows: Kingdom: Animalia, phylum: Chordata.

Parrot Can live for up to 100 years! It makes a solid grip on its preys (such as deer, zebra and other animals) very suddenly through its strong jaws and sharp claws. Though several areas are protected under law, a large portion of Bangladeshi Wildlife is threatened by this growth.