speech anxiety research papers

and promotion: Dissertation Abstracts International. Public speaking fears in a community sample: Prevalence, impact on functioning, and diagnostic classification: Archives of General Psychiatry Vol 53(2) Feb 1996, 169-174. J., Hayslip,.,. G., Silva,., Del Ben,.

Sloan,., Slane,. Teacher wait-time preference as related to the communication apprehensive student: Dissertation Abstracts International. No one is evaluating you as harshly as you are evaluating yourself.

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Out of touch, out of reach: Tactile predispositions as predictors of interpersonal distance: Western Journal of Speech Communication Vol 49(1) Win 1985, 57-72. Computer anxiety and communication apprehension: Relationship and introductory college course effects: Journal of Educational Computing Research Vol 9(3) 1993, 329-338. Paradoxical intention: An experimental analysis of necessary components: Dissertation Abstracts International. B., McNally,., Murdock,. Differential response of speech-anxious repressors and sensitizers to systematic desensitization and rational-emotive therapy: Dissertation Abstracts International. The relationship between visual imagery and public speaking apprehension: Communication Reports Vol 10(1) Win 1997, 87-94. Krisch,., Janig,. Self-focused attention and public speaking anxiety: Personality and Individual Differences Vol 10(8) 1989, 903-913. Giffin,., Heider,.

I was asked to get in front of the class and state three things about myself, and I got very nervous. Group leadership: A training approach. Somatic anxiety patterns before, during, and after giving a public speech: Southern Communication Journal Vol 71(1) Mar 2006, 87-100. Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole Publishing. Estimating an individual's location along the trait-state continuum: A method for improving the precision of measurement of CA using prca-24: Communication Research Reports Vol 11(1) Jun 1994, 59-66. Cue-controlled relaxation and "aromatherapy" in the treatment of speech anxiety: Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy Vol 21(3) 1993, 239-253.

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