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microscopes will take images using the RGB however cmyk is the standard used for printing so it is important to check that your figures will display well in this format. As with academic writing, it is also just as important to structure tables so that readers can easily understand them. Units are provided, font type and size are legible. Shim sexual health inventory for male. In this section use of simple present tense is more appropriate. Tables have several elements, including the legend, column titles, and body.

Many readers will only look at your display items without reading the main text of your manuscript. Finally, high-quality display items give your work a professional appearance. Using Figures, figures can take many forms, such as bar graphs, frequency histograms, scatterplots, drawings, maps, etc. During writing process of a research article, a generally ill-conceived point is that positive, and significant findings are more important, attractive, and valuable, while negative, and insignificant findings are worthless, and less attractive. Consider adding a map legend Source: Environmental Biology of Fishes (2011) DOI:.1007/s Schematics Schematics help identify the key parts to a system or process. This review summarizes the rules for writing the results section of a scientific paper and describes the use of tables and figures. Adjusting the brightness or contrast of an image, in fluorescent microscopy for example, is only acceptable if applied equally across all images including the controls The cropping of images in the creation of figures should be avoided unless it significantly improves the clarity of conciseness.

Article provides tips. Figures and tables (display items) are often the quickest way to communicate. I mages can help in achieving the accuracy needed for a scientific manuscript.

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Because of this, we recommend that students change their images to B/W or grayscale. . 1 As an example elucidating the abovementioned issues, graphics, and flow diagram in the Results section of a research paper written by the authors of this review article, and published in the World Journal of Urology in the year 2010 (World J Urol 2010;28:1722.) are. When writing a research paper, it is important for data to be presented to the reader in a visually appealing way. Not only positive, and significant results are worth writing, on the other hand negative or statistically insignificant result which support fallacy of a widely accepted opinion might be valuable. As an example elucidating the abovementioned topics a research paper written by the authors of this review article, and published in the. Peer-reviewers frequently look at tables, and figures. For instance, using a scatterplot instead of a bar graph for showing levels of hydration is a mistake. However, details about the individual data points are often omitted to place emphasis on the relationship that is shown by the collection of points. The findings should be expressed in brief, lucid, and explicable words.

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