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through CAL state apply. The Title IX Gender Equity Office upholds the CSU Chancellors Executive Order to address sexual discrimination, harassment and violence in an educational institutions academic, educational, extracurricular, and athletic activities. Thesis Filing Deadline Dates, these are the dates set by the Graduate Studies Office for filing of your thesis. However, the template is not foolproof. The following page contains links to sample templates of pages for graduate theses, projects, and dissertations. See the.

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csusb thesis deadline

Universal Format Pages, this format should be used by all disciplines. College of Education, interdisciplinary Studies. The deadline to complete the training is January 24, 2019. Most applications for Winter 2019 are due November 5th. Title IX self evaluation essay speeches training poster for more information, or visit the. If you are submitting a thesis proposal to the Graduate Committee, see the "Thesis Proposal Cover Sheet Instructions.".

For students electing the thesis option as their "Culminating Experience" in the program, the following resources and documents are available: To undertake the Thesis Option, a student must have a minimum GPA.7 overall in degree-applicable courses or the permission of the graduate coordinator. End Sexual Violence Training! The Guidebook includes information on many of the policies unique to graduate education, campus resources, and a general roadmap for completing your degree. The University offers free and substantial resources to students who need formatting assistance.

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