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want to scare your investors away. So you want to create the next bitcoin. The authorship, like many cryptocurrency creators, English may not be your first language, second language, or any language (Zdravstvuy if youre reading this through Google Translate!). Cover the history of the blockchain.

Since then, the average white paper has swelled to 100 pages, a 1,250 percent improvement. His whitepaper spanned eight pages. With eight pages, theyll feel obligated to scrutinize every word. Yes, your readers know this, but theyll appreciate the recap. They probably wont understand the nuances of your project, but most readers dont understand blockchain white papers anyway. If you feel gross, take heart: Your white paper is every bit as good as that other one that raised 50 million.

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Your advisers need not know essay on post office in telugu language about your project. Break any of these rules sooner than miss your ICO presale goal. Dont sweat it, you have two options: The first is to hire a new breed of freelancer: the white paper author. The format, by law, all white papers must be in PDF format. You can copy-paste the basics from other white papers. Because PDFs are insecure, can crash your browser, can be edited and redistributed, and are frustrating to create and maintain. The more advisers, the better. Readers love long white papers, too.

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