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plants. Antibacterial activity of some fruits; berries and medicinal herb extracts against poultry strains of Salmonella. Limited, Mumbai, India) at 4 and subcultured on to nutrient broth for 24 h prior to testing. Previous reports also revealed the antibacterial efficacy of the investigated plant extracts and essential oils against. Plant synthesizes a wide variety of chemical compounds, which can be sorted by their chemical class, bio synthetic origin and functional groups into primary and secondary metabolites ( Sharanabasappa., 2007 ).

The present study was undertaken for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the hexane, ethyl acetate, methanolic and aqueous extracts of Meconopsis aculeta. Then dried and weighed the alkaloid which is sublimate.

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Infectious diseases caused by resistant microorganisms are associated with prolonged hospitalizations, increased cost, and greater risk for morbidity and mortality. Oskay M, Oskay D, Kalyoncu. Aureus 1 was sensitive to 24 extracts while. 0.5 g of plant sample is weighed into a 50 ml plastic bottle. After incubation the random postmodern essay growth of the bacterial isolates in the test tubes were observed as turbidity using spectrophotometer at 600. Earlier studies have reported antibacterial properties of ethanol extracts of aloe vera against the pathogens selected in the current study 20, 23,. Antibiotics Test bacteria Kp 1 Kp 2 Ec 1 Ec2 Ec 3 Pm Sa 1 Sa 2 Sa mrsa Sa 3 A F L KAmikacin, ACAmoxycillin/Clavulanic acid, cfxcefixime, CSCefoperazoneSulbactum, CECefotaxime, CICeftriaxone, CFCiprofloxacin, GFGatifloxacin, GGentamicin, IImipenem, LELevofloxacin, MRMeropenem, OFOfloxacin, PTPiperacillin/tazobactam, VAVancomycin, LZLinezolid, RResistant, SSensitive, KpKlebsiella pneumoniae. The reasons for minimal antibacterial activity in chloroform extracts could be a low concentration of antibacterial compounds in these extracts. Choudhary., 2013 ; Nostro., 2000 ; Rao and Savithramma, 2012 ).