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learning how to solve probability problems. A knowledgeable reader would, probably, note that this is a program (albeit deterministic) and not the computer that does the random number simulation. Now, he's helping students all over the world by spilling SAT/ACT secrets through blog posts on Magoosh. What is the probability if you pick two cards without replacing the first of getting P(B, then A) 1/15 (2/6 x 1/5) Each letter in the word banana is written on a card. Try to figure out the probability of getting three heads in a row.

For simple games, such as calling heads or tails on a coin flip, its easy to figure out what the chances are of winning. (white, white, black or orange). Two heads really are better than one.

If the ball drawn is found black, find the probability that the urn chosen was. Question 2: An urn has 6 green and 7 blue balls. Keep in mind that these are word problems. So the chance of tossing a heads is still 1/2. Make it easier to keep the numbers straight by writing out the number when referring to a side of the die.

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