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As part of his thesis, Sutherland created Sketchpad, the world s first graphical user interface or GUI program. It is my contention that Muhammad. Ali was a great boxer but he was also a person who stood up for what he believed.

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Look at the topics below and one possible thesis that might be argued for in an essay on those topics. Allama Syed Saadat Ali Qadri, Mufti Muneeb -ur-Rehman. Peter Saul, an Australian intensive care doctor (intensivist) who is passionate about improving the ways we die. The army became involved, because Mao could not control the followers by words alone. Essays on business ethics sample paper essay help writing an ethical dilemma should condoms be available in high school thesis. At the end of it the Red guards were the only ones still engaged and Mao had, to call upon the army to disband them.21 The Red Guards were responsible for millions of deaths across the country, the Red Guard was comprised of teenage students.