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and happiness has a positive impact on health. There is nobody you can trust but yourself. In addition, due to your happiness, you can make new friends and you can share your happiness with them. Love is a dark and intangible feeling that often exposes it's targets to danger, pain and suffering. In the end, these are the main effects of happiness, which are makes people have a good health, people around them are attracted to their happiness, and they are feeling satisfied. Happiness is an inner sense. Jealousy, which buds from the tree of love, motivates people to commit irrational actions. These innocent children end up working as mindless slaves on behalf of the bully, or they get publically ridiculed and emotionally hurt. Any kind of help on revising of the essay will be much appreciated. Love is the pillar for friendship, yet it works to weaken us, and drives us to depend on and be sensitive of others. In kindergarten, we have watched countless children fall into the hands of bullies.

I have already handed the essay in but only to receive dismal results of 17/24. Happiness makes people help others. The last effect of happiness is feeling satisfied. The second effect of happiness is that people around you are attracted to your happiness. Love is a dangerous component of life and it works to deceive and manipulate other people's trusts. Some might argue that love brings humans together and promote cooperation, yet cooperation and unionism are two very short fangled areas, as they will soon be contaminated with betrayal and lies. These malevolent children gained their sadistic powers by taking advantage of the innocent. In our busy lives, there is no room for drama. When one feels jealous, it is because they care. Their love has been abused, yet if there were no such a thing as love, nobody would get hurt. The trust between two people can be broken at a snap of a finger. Yet one might argue that love is what makes us human.